Open Source Work
Direct and indirect contributor to many open source projects including Ruby on Rails, Rubinius, MacRuby, EventMachine, HandBrake, and dm-dbslayer.

I continue to work with many other open source projects and contributors to both improve my awareness in the Open Source community, but also find new interesting ways to help out on other projects.
mysql2 -
A modern, simple and very fast Mysql library for Ruby - binding to libmysql.
I've worked with and accepted patches from other developers forks on Github.
yajl-ruby -
Ruby C bindings to Yajl. An extremely efficient streaming JSON parsing library.
I've worked with and accepted patches from other developers forks on Github.
escape_utils -
Faster string escaping routines for your web apps.
I've worked with and accepted patches from other developers forks on Github.
bzip2-ruby -
Original libbz2 ruby C bindings from Guy Decoux, with some new love.
New (unofficial) maintainer of this gem. Some of my recent work to it included Ruby 1.9 compatibility and encoding support, converting and refactoring it's test suite to rspec and converting to Jeweler for gem management.
jquery-field-validations -
A half-assed port of ActiveRecord validations to jQuery.
This JS validation library is loosely modeled after ActiveRecord's validation scheme. Allowing the caller to assign individual or chained validations to all fields matched by a selector at once.
Summary of Qualifications
  • Web Service/API Design and use including but not limited to Audioscrobbler, Google Maps and YouTube
  • Extensive experience in web programming technologies including CSS, XHTML, Javascript, AJAX, Ruby on Rails, PHP and MySQL.
  • Validated Standards Compliance with XHTML 1.1 and CSS
  • Strong knowledge of the .NET and Mono Frameworks.
  • Extensive administration and use of Subversion and Git source-control systems. As well as Trac and Redmine project management systems
  • Developed several solutions, web-based, client and server-side in multiple languages to improve efficiency in my work environment.
  • Comprehensive Knowledge of various Linux/BSD distributions including compiling, installing and configuring services such as Web, FTP, DNS, POP, SMTP, SVN, and MTA systems.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of all versions of the Windows operation system.
  • Maintained network of over 1500+ lab workstations and was the primary technician in charge of the Windows Domain accounts, file and printer shares, login scripts, and home directories associated with each lab. Also the building, configuring, deployment and maintenance of each labs operating system and software.
Employment History
Nov 10 - Present
Jan 10 - Nov 10
  • One of the 5 founding members of the team
  • Full stack development in every language we use
Working Point (previously NetBooks)
Senior Developer
Dec 07 - Dec 09
  • One of the lead engineers on the original Ruby on Rails NetBooks application design and implementation
  • Community Lead Developer
  • Original engineer that architected and built the entire Community application. From schema to javascript.
  • Helped brainstorm direction, focus and technical feasibility for Community project
  • Migrated the company from SVN to Git and Github. Ongoing help and training for Git when necessary.
  • Ongoing research into newer and different technologies and how they might benefit the company now or in the future.
ChessManiac (Online Chess, LLC)
Systems Administrator, Developer - Both voluntary
Jan 06 - Oct 09
  • Administer 3 LAMP boxes, which currently push over 11M visits a month and around 2k DB queries/sec - by hand
  • Did a major backend code (PHP) review and cleanup which included SQL query optimization, abstracting direct SQL calls into a new DB access layer I created which allowed us to utilize memcached where possible
  • Ongoing site support, sometimes working directly with users. Making sure things are up to date, patched and with minimal downtime
  • I volunteer my time in trade for the experience of maintaining a high traffic website, and all of it's supporting services
Freelance Bleeding Edge Engineer, Research Specialist, Systems Administrator
Freelance Developer
May 07 - Dec 07
  • Helped administer and maintain the servers and code-base for
  • Continued research into many technologies and frameworks. Including Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Memcached, new deployment strategies and technologies.
Lindamood-Bell - San Luis Obispo, CA
Contract Developer
Feb 07 - May 07
  • Design and Build interfaces for internal .NET application to replace an older Filemaker Pro application
  • Setup and maintain an internal Trac installation
  • Setup and maintain internal Subversion source code repository
SideKlick - San Luis Obispo, CA
Contractor - Interface Engineer
July 06 - Jan 07
  • Designed and built SideKlick client user interface
  • Designed an IPC-based plugin system for the SideKlick client along with an initial plugin for AIM 6.0
  • Designed and built public website in Rails
  • Designed and aided in construction of back-end management website.
Meca Communications - San Luis Obispo, CA
Contractor - Research, Development and Prototyping
November 05 - May 06
  • Primary job was to research bleeding-edge internet technologies and find ways to leverage these technologies in a new direction of the company.
  • Built a multi-protocol IM client in C# which used the Jabber/XMPP protocol, a custom library for communicating with the existing Meca Messenger IM protocol and a MySpace IM library I aided in building.
  • Aided in the design and architecture of a custom music ranking and matching web site which used web services and user contributed ranking to match bands to users.
  • Wrote several C# library wrappers to custom web 2.0 apis including delicious, and YouTube.
  • Wrote a custom Jabber/XMPP server which wrapped a proprietary IM protocol used by Meca Messenger to allow any Jabber/XMPP client to connect and use their Meca Messenger account transparently.
Single Mind Consulting - Portland, OR
Contract Developer
July 05 - August 06
  • Contracted by LunarLogic to debug a web-application using J2EE called iLrn which was developed for Thomson Higher Education.
  • Create custom web-based solutions using the webApplica framework.
  • Manage local code-versioning repository (Subversion).
  • Designed and built company website.
  • Helped design and architect Wiki Contributor Rating System in Rails.
  • General in-house server administration.
Whirled Web - Vancouver, WA
PHP Programmer, Website Engineer
May 05 - June 05
  • Primary job was programming PHP solutions for existing websites.
  • Designed and implemented secure authentication mechanism over clear-text communication.
  • Designed and implemented a resource control system based on UNIX filesystem permissions for keeping track of resources in a database.
  • Coded a team management web application and aided in the design.
Cuesta College - San Luis Obisbo, Ca
PC/Network Technician, Lab Coordinator
September 98 - September 04
  • Primarily maintained over 26 computer labs and domain accounts those labs use.
  • Secondary was to troubleshoot, and maintain a network consisting of over 2000+ workstations running Windows 3.11/9x/2000/XP.
  • Maintained and upgraded servers running Novell Netware, Windows NT/2000/2003, and Linux operating systems. Troubleshoot and maintain workstations on the network. Including connecting/setting up users on each workstation and terminating cable being run to them.
  • Designed, and coded a web-based time clock for the technicians in the IT department using PHP/MySQL. Designed and coded a web-based interface to a database to keep track of labs/software/printers for instructors and our department.
  • Developed numerous custom software solutions.
Templeton Unified School District - Templeton, Ca
Network Technician
September 97 - August 98
  • Troubleshoot and maintain a network consisting of over 850+ workstations running Windows 95/98.
  • Troubleshoot and maintain workstations on the network. Including connecting/setting up users on each workstation, and terminating network cable being run to them.
References available on request.